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Rausch Original Hair Tincture 200 ml For early signs of hair loss

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Rausch's special formula of natural herbal extracts, that nourishes the scalp, In addition to enhancing hair growth



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Rausch Original Hair Tincture 200 ml:

An effective formula of Rausch is rich in natural substances such as burdock root extract and essential oils, which are effective in enhancing blood circulation and nourishing the scalp in addition to supporting its vital functions, which significantly enhances hair growth.

Active ingredients:
Burdock, Orange oil, Citrus oil 

• Nourishes hair and scalp.
• Promotes hair growth.
• Strengthens the scalp

How to use:
Part the hair and apply a few drops directly to the scalp then gently massage into the scalp, do not rinse.

Point of interest:
• Suitable for long-term use and can be used daily.
• It can take up to two or three months for the final treatment to become visible.
• Effective, safe, and easy to use.

Made in: France

Quantity: 200 ml

Store at room temperature
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