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Recugel Eye Gel 10 g

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A gel that soothes and moisturizes the eyes and reduces their stress

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Recugel Eye Gel 10 g

Recugel is a viscous gel with a high concentration of active substance dexpanthenol - 5%.
Recugel relieves common eye fatigue and irritation due to many factors, including long- term computer work and exposure to extreme environmental conditions (frost, wind, air conditioning, etc.).
It’s especially effective in enhancing the hydration of the surface of the eyes and promoting corneal healing in the event of burns, LASIK and PRK operations, damage caused by foreign bodies, or corneal inflammation.
Recugel eye gel is similar to eye drops, but its gel formula provides longer- lasting efficacy

Active ingredients:

• Recugel moisturizes and soothes dry, irritated eyes, and also stimulates the regeneration of cells to restore corneal structure.
• Eye Gel that helps relieve eye strain and irritation.
• It promotes corneal healing in case of burns and LASIK and laser operations.

How To Use:
• Recugel can be applied 3- 5 times a day, as needed.
• Apply 1 drop of Recugel into the conjunctival sac - the space between the eyeball and the lower eyelid.
• Lightly pull the lower eyelid downward, apply the gel, and blink to administer the gel.

Points Of Interest:
• Due to the thicker recugel composition of this product, caution should be exercised when driving and operating machines, as the gel may cause blurring of vision.
• It is not advisable to apply refugee the product while wearing contact lenses.
• Usability after opening: 1 month.

Made in: Germany.

Quantity: 10 g.

Store at room temperature.
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