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Red Seal Herbal Toothpaste 110 g

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A herbal and mineral toothpaste that helps to fight plaque and freshen breath

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Red Seal Herbal Toothpaste 110 g

Red Seal Herbal Toothpaste is composed of herbal extracts with chlorophyll to keep your breath fresh and clean teeth with frequent brushing.

It stops plaque from building up as well as prevents tartar deposits of tartar.

Red Seal Herbal Toothpaste contains Calcium Carbonate to help keep teeth stronger whiter and cleaner.

Using leading scientific research and development along with naturopathic know-how, Red Seal has the expertise to help you live the healthiest life possible.

Active ingredients:
Chlorophyll, Calcium carbonate, Eucalyptus oil, Peppermint oil.

• All natural toothpaste containing herbal extracts.
• Fights the formation of dental plaque and tartar.
• Herbal toothpaste gives you clean, white, and healthy teeth.
• Chlorophyll alkaline the pH of the mouth thus freshening the breath.

Direction of use:
Brush your teeth with the Red Seal herbal Toothpaste after every meal to achieve fresh breath and healthy teeth.

Read seal herbal toothpaste properties:
• No added fluoride.
• Vegan product.
• Mint flavor.
• No added artificial additives.
• Paraben-free.

Made in: New Zealand.

Quantity: 110 g.

Store at room temperature.
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