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Red Seal Smokers Toothpaste 100 g

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A herbal and mineral toothpaste to strongly freshen breath and remove stains

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Red Seal Smokers Toothpaste 100 g

Red Seal Smokers Toothpaste is an effective toothpaste formulated with Dolomite(Calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate).
It works to keep your breath fresh and supports the removal of stains and plaque caused by food or drink or tobacco.
Red Seal Smokers Toothpaste keeps your breath fresh with a concentrated mint flavor that is extra strong.
Using leading scientific research and development along with naturopathic know-how, Red Seal has the expertise to help you live the healthiest life possible.

Active ingredients:
Calcium carbonate, Cellulose gum, Peppermint oil, Magnesium carbonate.

• Smokers and non-smokers can use Red seal smokers toothpaste.
• Without harming dentine, it removes stubborn stains from the enamel.
• Fresh, natural, and cleans teeth effectively.

Direction of use:
Brush your teeth with the Red Seal smokers Toothpaste after every meal to achieve fresh breath and healthy teeth.

Read seal smokers toothpaste properties:
• No added fluoride.
• Vegan product.
• Strong mint flavor.
• Paraben-free.

Made in:
New Zealand

100 g

Store at room temperature
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