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Scopinal Injection 20 mg/ml 5 Amp

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Injection for rapid relief of spasms caused by digestive or bladder/urinary disorders

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Scopinal Injection 20 mg/ml 5 Amp

Scopinal injection is composed of Hyoscine Butylbromide as an active ingredient.
Scopinal injection is an antispasmodic drug that relaxes some of the smooth muscles in the digestive and urinary tracts.
Scopinal injection treats spasms of the stomach, intestines, and bladder.
Scopinal does not affect the nervous system, because it’s not able to penetrate the BBB.

Active ingredients:
Hyoscine Butylbromide.

Scopinal injections used to treat:
• Irritable bowel syndrome accompanied pains (IBS).
• Bladder or bowel cramps.
• spastic constipation.
• menstrual pain.

How to use:
• The dose varies according to the case, so please follow the recommended dose of Scopinal.

Side effects:
• Constipation
• Transient bradycardia (followed by palpitations and arrhythmias)
• Reduced bronchial secretions
• Urinary retention
• Photophobia
• Dry mouth
• Flushing and dryness of the skin.

Warnings and precautions:
Avoid use in the following cases:
• Myasthenia gravis
• Narrow-angle glaucoma
• Chronic lung disease
• Hypersensitivity to hyoscine or any other contents in the drug.
• Severe, unexplained abdominal pain that persists or worsens or occurs together with symptoms like fever, nausea, vomiting, decreased blood pressure, fainting, or blood in the stool.
• Scopinal injection should be used in caution in conditions characterized by tachycardia such as thyrotoxicosis, cardiac insufficiency, or failure, and in cardiac surgery.
• Should administrate scopinal injection with caution to patients with hypoxia.

• Alcohol
• Antiarrhythmics
• codeine
• haloperidol.
• clozapine.
• phenothiazines
• Domperidone

Made in:
United Arab Emirates

5 Ampoules

Store at room temperature
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