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Septona Baby Safety Cotton Buds 50 Pcs

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Cotton buds for safe cleaning of your child's ears

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Septona Baby Safety Cotton Buds 50 Pcs

Septona Baby Safety Cotton Buds are made of pure and soft cotton, which makes them suitable for baby care.
It helps clean your child's ear and gets rid of earwax and sticky dirt stuck in the ear, the accumulation of which causes your child's hearing impairment and feeling of discomfort.
It has a tapered and circular shape.

• Safe and easy to use.
• Baby Safety Cotton Buds help clean your child's ears effectively.

• It is recommended to use ear buds to clean the outer area of ​​the ear only.
• It is recommended to clean your child's ear gently to avoid damage to the eardrum.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Use earbuds under adult guidance.

Made in:

50 Pcs

Store at room temperature
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