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Septona Cotton Buds Pop Up Lid 160 Pcs

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Cotton Buds for safe and effective ear cleaning

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Septona Cotton Buds Pop Up Lid 160 Pcs 

Cotton swabs for safe personal hygiene care.
Made of thin and soft cotton on the ear.
Cotton swabs help clean the ear of dirt stuck in it, which neglect and accumulation may lead to ear infection and hearing impairment.
Supplied with a plastic package to save the earbuds from external pollutants.

• Safe and easy to use.
• Septona Cotton Buds helps remove dirt and clean the ear.

• For personal use only to avoid cross infection.
• It is recommended to use ear buds to clean the outer area of ​​the ear only.
• It is recommended to use it gently to avoid damage to the eardrum.

Made in:

160 Pcs

Store at room temperature
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