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Septona Daily Clean Colored Cotton Balls 100 Pcs 1Sep013

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Multi-colored cotton balls used to remove and apply makeup, cosmetics and skin care products

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Septona Daily Clean Colored Cotton Balls 100 Pcs 1Sep013

Septona Daily Clean Colored Cotton Balls, pure and high-quality cotton furniture.
It is characterized by its softness on the skin and the speed of the material, which makes it ideal in skin care and cosmetics.
Colored Cotton balls used to apply makeup accurately, easily and quickly, especially eye makeup.
It also removes makeup residue and traces without leaving any traces or dirt.
Especially about its role in the use of skin care products such as toner and others.

Characteristics of colored cotton balls:
• Made of 100% pure cotton.
• Dermatologically tested.
• Safe and gentle on the skin.
• Does not cause skin allergies or irritation.

• For personal use only to avoid cross infection.
• When using cotton balls on the skin, be careful to use them gently without rubbing the skin to avoid irritation.

Made in:

100 Pcs

Store at room temperature
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