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Septona Extra Resistant Plaster 8 Pcs

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High tenacity wound plasters that are gentle on the skin

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Septona Extra Resistant Plaster 8 Pcs

Septona Extra Resistant Plasters are an important part of first aid.
It helps cover minor cuts and scrapes and protects them from bacteria and external pollutants that may exacerbate them.
Septona plasters are characterized by their flexibility, strong adhesion, and stability in order to practice daily activities freely and comfortably.
It is gentle on the skin, as it does not stick to wounds and does not cause skin irritation or inflammation.

Characteristics of Septona Extra Resistant Plaster:
• Size: 10*6 cm.
• Can be cut to various size.
• High stability.

•Apply after cleansing wounds.
• Apply to dry skin.
• When changing the plaster, be sure to peel it off gently.
• It is recommended to replace them periodically to avoid infection and aggravation of the wound.

Made in

8 Pcs

Store at room temperature
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