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Natural anti inflammatory proteolytic enzyme

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Used successfully in combination with antibiotics

Serrazin is a systemic proteolytic enzyme whiche break down fibrous walls surrounding dead tissues , edema fluid , phlegm , mucus and blood clots, then eliminated via lymphatic and circulatory vessels to blood stream where these materials are detoxified
Serrazin enhances anit inflammatory and anti edema reactions , preventing swellong and fluid retention in human tissues.

Serrazin enhances breaking the fibrous , plaques and clots inside blood vessels , which helps preventing thrombosis , acting as a natural mild blood thinner.

Serrazin is given after all types of surgeries to reduce trauma , edema , pain and infections.

Serrazin is useful for inflammation associated with respiratory diseases ( otitis , sinusitis , bronchitis , asthma ) , it increases mucus clearance and reduces inflammation of air ways.

Active ingredients:
Serrapeptase .

General anti inflammation associated with swelling , edma and pain of any origin or localization in human body.

Adults above 15 years : 1 capsule 3 times daily.
Do not eat food 30 minutes before and after taking thw capsule to ensure absorption.

Made in: Bulgaria.

Quantity: 30 capsules.

Store at room temperature.
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