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Softouch Probe Cover 40+20'S

2.950 KD

Ear thermometer lens covers to protect the user from cross infection and to ensure accurate results

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Softouch Probe Cover 40+20'S

Ear thermometer cover has a perfect and ergonomic design.
Using Soft Touch Cover ensures that no dirt, earwax, or sensor window build-up to get accurate and correct readings.
Especially for its role in protecting the thermometer lens from any scratch that may negatively affect the results.
The thermostat cover protects against the transmission of infection, germs, and bacteria.
It is recommended to replace it after each use.

• High quality.
• Very accurate in scanning body temperature.
• The thermometer cover is hypoallergenic and safe.
• One-time use cover for the thermostat.

How to use:
Use a clean cover each time.
Gently tighten the ear, and pull it back.
Gently insert the thermometer until the ear canal is completely closed.
Press and hold the button for one second.
Remove the thermometer and read the temperature.
Dispose of the ear thermometer cover after use.

Made in:

60 Pieces

Store at room temperature
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