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Sunex Waist Belt 30X125 cm Razak

9.100 KD

Supportive belt that helps to tighten muscles and promote weight loss and get rid of excess body fat

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Sunex Waist Belt 30X125 cm Razak

Sunex Waist Belt is made of safe, high-quality materials and is adjustable.
The support belt has an ergonomic design as it is stretchy and soft allowing movement easily during use and daily activities.
Ideal for use during sports, aerobics and weight loss exercises as it supports optimal results by promoting weight loss and burning excess fat.
Especially about the role of the waist belt in tightening the weak and flabby waist muscles and supporting the abdominal muscles, making you look more slender and fit.
Waist circumference: 125*30 cm.

• Sunex Waist Belt helps not to tighten the muscles.
• Waist Belt is used during sports activities and aerobic exercises.
• The belt supports weight reduction and getting rid of excess fat.

How to use:
• Follow the instructions on the Waist Belt package.

Point of interest:
• Do not use bleach or fabric softeners while washing the support belt.
• Avoid exposure to any heat source.
• Stop using the waist belt if any allergic reaction occurs.
• Reusable.
• It is recommended not to use it while sleeping.

Made in: China.

Quantity: One Pieces.

Store at room temperature.
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