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SWEET SECRET Chocolate Nourishing Scrub-Mask 200 g helps to soften the skin

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Body scrub with the secret of beautiful skin

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SWEET SECRET Chocolate Nourishing Scrub-Mask 200 g
• Nourishing peeling mask for the body Sweet Secret, rich in nutria oils that nourish the skin.
• Cocoa bean extract intensively nourishes the skin, lime extract and raspberry oil smooth and improve the elasticity of the skin, and cane sugar crystals remove dead skin cells, So the body becomes delightfully soft, delicate, and silky smooth.
• Sweet Secret is not just a pleasure but the sweet secret of beauty. 

• Soothes irritations, nourishes, and perfectly smoothes the skin.
• Nourishing body scrub-mask Sweet Secret, rich in nutria-oils, gently nourishes and cares for the skin. 

How To Use:
• Apply a scrub-mask to the skin and gently massage the body in circular motions.
• Leave on the skin for 2-3 minutes and then thoroughly rinse with warm water. 

Active Ingredients:
Chocolate, vitamin E, Chilli, Rasberry, Lemon 

At room temperature.

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