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SWEET SECRET Vanilla Hybrid Bath & Shower Oil 300 mL improves skin elasticity

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Bath and shower oil with Vanilla odor, have the secret of beautiful skin

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SWEET SECRET Vanilla Hybrid Bath & Shower Oil 300 mL
• Indescribable sweetness that you don't have to deny yourself.
• Moments of forgetfulness that can last forever. At the same time, your body gets everything it needs.
• Hybrid Sweet Secret Body Oil, thanks to its rich formula, cleanses, smoothes, and delicately lubricates skin without drying it out.
• Vanilla milk and saffron extract perfectly moisturize the skin, and precious argan oil improves skin elasticity and delays the aging process, ensuring its attractive appearance. 

• Perfectly cleans, cares, intensively regenerates, and improves skin firmness.
• It restores the attractive appearance of the skin. 

How To Use:
• Pour 30 ml of bath oil into the stream of warm water.
• Recommended bathing time approx. 20 min.
• Uses the product to wash the body in the shower. 

Active Ingredients:
Saffron extract, argan oil.

Store at room temperature.

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