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Systane UD Lubricant Eye Drops 28 Vials

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Eye Drops that come in convenient preservative-free vials that provide long-lasting dry eye relief

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Systane UD Lubricant Eye Drops 28 Vials

Systane UD Lubricant Eye Drops offer soothing comfort for dry and irritated eyes.
The eye drops have been formulated to provide long-lasting relief from symptoms associated with dry and tired eyes due to external factors such as concentrated computer work or prolonged exposure to wind and sun or using contact lenses.
It is preservative-free eye drops that help reduce irritations of dry eyes.
Systane UD convenient easy-to-use vials can be used anytime, anywhere.

Active ingredients:
Hydroxypropyl Guar, polyethylene glycol, propylene glycol

• Systane eye drops have a deep moisturizing effect.
• Systane eye drops to protect the eye from irritation.
• Free preservatives.
• easy to use anywhere, anytime.
• Systane eye drops have a long-lasting effect.

How to use:
Systane UD Lubricant Eye Drops may be used as needed throughout the day.
1. place the dropper directly over the eye and squeeze out 1 or 2 drops as needed.
2. Look down and gently close your eye for 1 or 2 minutes.
3. Should be used prior to inserting contact lenses or after removal of contact lenses.

Points of interest:
• Avoid using Systane eye drops if you are allergic to the active ingredients or any other drug contents.
• Discontinue usage of Systane if the condition is worsen or an allergic reaction occurs.
• When applying the condition don’t touch the eye surface.
• Keep out of children.
• For single use. Discard the vial after use.

Made in:

0.8 ml * 28 vial

Store at room temperature
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