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Tippys Cotton Buds 100 Pcs

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Are small disposable plastic sticks with a cotton tip on each end for a variety of uses

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Tippys Cotton Buds 100 Pcs

Tippys Cotton Buds are made of 100% pure cotton and are a versatile and essential tool for personal care and hygiene.
The cotton buds have a flexible stem that is strong enough to allow for precise use and have soft and absorbent cotton tips that are gentle on delicate skin.
Tippys Cotton Buds can be used for a variety of purposes including removing makeup and applying ointments as well as cleaning hard-to-reach areas.
They come in a convenient and hygienic pack that can be easily stored or carried in a bag making them ideal for your daily routine.

Tippys Cotton Buds Benefits:
• Have a safety seal to ensure they haven't been used before.
• Soft and gentle on the skin.
• Easy to use application.
• Suitable for a variety of uses and purposes.
• Effective at removing dirt and impurities.
• Easy to carry for traveling.

Directions for use of the Tippys Cotton Buds 100 Pcs:
• Hold the Tippys Cotton Bud by the stick with your fingers.
• Gently clean or apply products to the desired area.

More information:
• Do not insert in the ear canal.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Store in a cool and dry place.
• Dispose of the used cotton buds in a waste bin.

Made in:

100 Buds

Store at room temperature
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