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Tripofed Expectorant Syrup 100 ml

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Syrup is used to relieve upper respiratory disorders caused by the common cold and flu

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Tripofed Expectorant Syrup 100 ml

Tripofed Expectorant Syrup contain Triprolidine + Pseudoephedrine + Guaifenesin.
Guaifenesin is an effective cough suppressant and expectorant by reducing the viscosity of phlegm and turning it into a soft liquid that is easy to expel and get rid of.
Pseudoephedrine, which relieves nasal congestion and relieves cold symptoms.
Triprolidine, which works to remove allergy symptoms associated with congestion, It is an antihistamine that causes various allergic reactions.

Active ingredients:
Triprolidine, Pseudoephedrine, Guaifenesin.

Tripofed Expectorant Syrup used for:
• Relieve symptoms of colds and allergies including:
• Sneezing.
• Runny nose.
• Watery eyes.
• Nasal congestion and blocked sinuses.

How to use:
Please refer to the Tripofed Expectorant Syrup Leaflet for instructions.

Side effects of Tripofed Expectorant Syrup:
• Restlessness.
• Nausea.
• Unable to sleep.
• Pounding or fluttering sensation in chest.
• Irregular heartbeats that one can feel.
• Vomiting.
• Dry mouth.
• High blood pressure.
• Anxiety.

• It is contraindicated to use Tripofed Expectorant Syrup for children under 6 years of age.
• It is contraindicated to useTripofed Expectorant Syrup for children under six years of age.
• The drug should also be given under specialized medical supervision in cases of patients with enlarged prostate or urinary retention, and in cases of high blood pressure and severe heart diseases, as well as diabetes patients.
• It is contraindicated for use in cases of patients with glaucoma and in cases of liver and kidney dysfunction, renal or hepatic failure, as well as in cases of hyperthyroidism, and If you have asthma, inflammation of air passages, lung disorder in which the flow of air to the lungs is blocked.

Interactions of Tripofed Expectorant Syrup:
• Tripofed Expectorant Syrup interacts with decongestants and antiallergic drugs.
• It interacts with appetite suppressants and psychological stimulants in addition to central nervous system depressants.
• It interacts with antihypertensive drugs, especially those that have sympathetic activity, such as alpha and beta-adrenergic inhibitors.

100 ml

Store at room temperature
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