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U-STEP Shoe Insoles For Sport Size 41-47

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Shoe Insoles that relieve feet's pain and feeling of tiredness caused by wearing shoes for long periods during sports and exercise

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U-STEP Shoe Insoles For Sport Size 41-47

U-STEP Shoe Insoles For Sport have an improved design and high shock-absorbing properties.

It is ideal for athletes who suffer from fatigue and joint pain as a result of wearing the shoes for a long time.

It reduces excessive pressure on the feet that athletes are exposed to during sports or jogging.

U-STEP Shoe Insoles are equipped with a flexible arch overlay that provides outstanding support during movement.

It has a special honeycomb design that is made with non-slip materials.

It is suitable for all kinds of sports shoes, as it can be cut along the guided lines to match the shoes and easily fit on without problems.

Size: 41-47
Quantity: 2 pieces

• Sport Shoe Insoles for athletes that relieve the pain of the feet and absorb shocks.
• Sport Shoe Insoles provides comfort during sports and exercise activities such as jogging.
• Reducing pain and pressure on the feet caused by wearing shoes for a long time.
• It acts as a cushion to prevent the foot from sliding forward while walking, jogging and standing.
• Reduces muscle fatigue and stress.

How to use:
Follow the instructions included on the package.

Point of interest:
• Made for men and women.
• Make sure that the shoe Insoles are appropriate and the shoe size is appropriate.
• Pay attention to the right and left sides of the product before putting it in the shoes.
• The insoles should be cleaned with water.
• Be sure to dry the feet before putting Shoe Insoles.

Made in: China.

Quantity: 2 Pieces.

Store at room temperature.
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