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Uriage Roseliane Anti Redness Cream 40 ml

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Soothing and moisturizing cream decrease redness-prone of rosacea



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Uriage Roseliane Anti Redness Cream 40 ml

Uriage Roseliane cream is a rich and non-greasy cream that inhibits the key factors triggering redness and rosacea.
With Uriage Roseliane cream comfort is immediately restored to the skin, leaving it soft, perfectly moisturized, and soothed.

It contains:
Cerasterol-2F: Moisturises, repairs and strengthens the skin barrier.
Uriage Thermale Water: has moisturizing and soothing properties.
Ginseng and red algae extracts: reduce the appearance of blood vessels on the skin by strengthening the blood vessel walls.
TLR2-Regul complex and SK5R complex: have a soothing effect and reduce inflammation and vascular problems.

Active ingredients:
Uriage Thermale Water, Ginseng extract, SK5R Complex,
TLR2-REGUL Complex, Red algae extract, Cerasterol-2F

• Uriage Roseliane cream reduces redness and rosacea.
• Repairs and strengthens the skin barrier.
• Uriage Roseliane cream strengthens the vascular walls.
• Reduces inflammation.

How to use:
Apply daily to the entire face, avoiding the eye contour.
Must be used twice daily to be effective.

Points of interest:
• Suitable for sensitive skin prone to redness.
• For external use only.
• Keep out of the children.
• Avoid eye contact. but if sone immediately rinses it with warm water.

Made in:

40 ml

Store at room temperature
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