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Vitis Gingival Toothbrush 301-V21

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A toothbrush that is used to provide gentle yet effective cleaning of teeth for people with gum sensitivity or periodontal problems



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Vitis Gingival Toothbrush 301-V21:

Vitis Gingival Toothbrush is specially designed for individuals who have delicate gums or suffer from inflammation.

The toothbrush is intended for daily use and is effective in reducing gingival sensitivity while also protecting and revitalizing the gums.

Vitis Gingival Toothbrush's head is small and the Tynex filaments that are soft.

The flexible neck of the toothbrush allows the user to adjust the angle of the brush head for better access to hard-to-reach areas of the mouth.

Vitis Gingival Toothbrush's handle features an anti-slip groove for easy control, and it comes with a protective hygiene cap.

Vitis Gingival Toothbrush Benefits:
• Helps reduce gingival sensitivity.
• Protects and revitalizes gums.
• Allows access to difficult-to-reach areas of the mouth.
• Anti-slip groove on the handle for easy use and control.
• Comes with a protective hygiene cap for travel.

Direction for use of the Vitis Gingival Toothbrush 301-V21:
• Apply toothpaste on the Vitis Gingival Toothbrush and use it to brush your teeth at least twice daily after meals.

More information:
• Brushing your teeth should be done twice a day for about 2 minutes.
• Regular dental check-ups every six months are important.
• Rinse your toothbrush both before and after use.

Made in:

1 Piece

Store at room temperature
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