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Vitis Gingival Toothpaste 100 ml 301-V20

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A daily use toothpaste specially designed for the prevention and treatment of gingivitis



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Vitis Gingival Toothpaste 100 ml 301-V20:
Vitis Gingival Toothpaste is a daily-use toothpaste that provides advanced protection for people suffering from gum inflammation and bleeding.
This includes those with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases, pregnancy complications, and rheumatoid arthritis, and is suitable for people with celiac disease as it is gluten-free and alcohol-free with no staining.
Vitis Gingival Toothpaste contains Cetylpyridinium chloride, provitamin B5, zinc lactate, and sodium fluoride.
The sodium fluoride in its formulation prevents caries by increasing enamel's resistance to demineralization, reducing acid production, and preventing a decrease in pH.

Active ingredients:
Cetylpyridinium chloride, Sodium fluoride, Zinc lactate, Provitamin B5,

Vitis Gingival Toothpaste Benefits:
• Helps treat gum inflammation and bleeding with daily use.
• Alcohol-free and does not cause staining.
• Reduces bacterial biofilm formation and gingivitis.
• Decreases inflammation and protects and revitalizes gums.
• Prevents gingival bleeding.

Direction for use of the Vitis Gingival Toothpaste 100 ml 301-V20:
• Apply the Vitis Gingival Toothpaste on your toothbrush and brush your teeth at least two times daily after meals.

More information:
• Suitable for people with celiac disease as it does not contain gluten.
• Do not swallow the toothpaste.
• Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.
• Keep out of the reach of children.

Made in: Spain

Quantity: 100 ml

Store at room temperature
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