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Vitis Surgical Toothbrush 1 Pc 301-V08

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A toothbrush ideal for patients who require gentle oral care after surgery without causing any harm to the healing areas



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Vitis Surgical Toothbrush 1 Pc 301-V08:

Vitis Surgical Toothbrush is a toothbrush designed with soft bristles and a straight profile making it perfect for delicate, post-surgical oral hygiene that helps prevent infection and other complications.

The toothbrush provides softness for the postoperative periods while the mouth is still healing, up to 15 days after surgery, before switching to a harder toothbrush.

The toothbrush's handle is anatomically shaped and has a non-slip grip, making brushing easy and comfortable.

Vitis Surgical Toothbrush Benefits:
• Comes with a protective cap to keep the bristles together and hygienic until the next use.
• Suitable for post-surgical oral hygiene.
• Avoids infection and other complications.
• Provides comfortable brushing.

Direction for use of the Vitis Surgical Toothbrush 1 Pc 301-V08:
• Brush your teeth in circular motions using the Vitis Surgical Toothbrush, starting from the gum towards the tooth, at least two times a day or after every meal.

More information:
• Brushing your teeth should be done twice a day for about 2 minutes.
• Regular dental check-ups every six months are important.
• Rinse your toothbrush both before and after use.

Made in:

1 Piece

Store at room temperature
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