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Walker With Wheel Ky 912

18.000 KD

Comfortable and easy to use wheeled Walker

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Walker With Wheel Ky 912 

A walker with wheels, four foldable legs, and designed from corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant aluminum.
A walker is designed for patients who have difficulty moving and helps them complete daily tasks with ease.
Equipped with two front wheels to facilitate movement, fixed non-slip bases, and comfortable handles to keep the body balanced.
The length of the walker can be adjusted to suit all heights, suitable for users of different heights.

• A Walker With a Wheel that helps to move easily.
• Suitable for post-operative patients, the elderly, orthopedic and joint patients, and people with special needs.

How to use:
• Begin by pushing the walker in front of you about a step forward, keeping your back straight.
• Next, place one leg or the affected leg into the center of the walker.
• Push the handles of the walker down and push the other leg forward.
• Repeat the same procedure by moving the walker forward and walking with it, moving one leg at a time.

Point of interest:
• When you use the Walker, keep your body straight during the movement to protect your back from bending.
• Make sure that the feet are inside the Walker and not behind it.
• Don't get the walker too far in front of you and the handles too high.
• Make small steps when turning and move slowly.
• Beware of objects on the ground and slippery surfaces while using the Walker.

One piece

Store at room temperature.


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