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Walking Normal Stick With Adjustable

6.000 KD

Walking stick that helps you to walk and move easily and comfortably

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Walking Normal Stick With Adjustable FS929 Al-Jawareh

Walking Normal Stick that made of high-quality aluminum, which is rust and corrosion-resistant.
Slip-resistant to give you more balance and safety.
The Walking Normal Stick has a comfortable hand grip which makes it easy to use.
The length of Walking Normal Stick can be adjusted to suit all heights, and it is light in weight as it does not make you feel heavy while using it.

• Walking Normal Stick that helps to move easily.
• Suitable for elderly, orthopedic, and joint patients.

Point of interest:
• The weight and length of the Walking Normal Stick must be suitable.
• Short Walking Stick can cause back pain.

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Store at room temperature
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