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Xlear Xylitol Max Nasal Spray 45 ml

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A nasal spray that contains a mixture of natural extracts to provide an immediate and noticeable effect in eliminating nasal congestion and facilitating breathing.

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Xlear Xylitol Max Nasal Spray 45 ml

Xlear Xylitol Max Nasal Spray is a spray recommended by doctors around the world to treat nasal congestion, allergies, and the respiratory system.
The spray contains a group of natural extracts that naturally treat these symptoms without using manufactured compounds.
It contains capsicum extract, which has a rapid and noticeable effect in eliminating nasal and sinus congestion.
Xylitol Max also contains aloe vera extract, which can moisturize the nasal membranes and reduce dryness resulting from persistent sneezing and congestion.
The distinctive addition of xylitol in this spray makes the solution hypertonic to reduce swelling caused by fluid accumulation within the nasal membranes.

Active ingredients:
Xylitol, Aloe Vera Extract, Capsicum Extract.

Benefits of Xlear Xylitol Max Nasal Spray:
- Relieves nasal congestion quickly.
- Treats symptoms of colds.
- Opens the airways to facilitate breathing.
- Contains natural compounds.

How to use Xlear Xylitol Max Nasal Spray:
- Shake the container before use.
- Clean your nose before applying the spray.
- Put 1- 3 sprays in each nostril and take a deep breath when applying the spray.

• More information:
- You may feel a burning sensation when applying the spray. Do not worry, this is the effect of the capsicum.
- Intended for use by one person only.
- You should consult a doctor before using it for children under 6 years of age.

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Quantity: 45 ml

Store at room temperature
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